Litigation PR

Litigation PR

As both a litigator and media lawyer Jonathan is steeped both in the rigours of the law and the vagaries of the media, which gives him a USP for Litigation PR. He has undertaken major high profile commercial litigation such as suing Lloyds Banking Group for Noel Edmonds and defended a seven-figure claim against a record label over a banking instrument. Jonathan has in the course of that work, undertaken litigation PR by combining his expertise both as a litigator and media professional. Most recently he has undertaken litigation PR, working alongside a top PR firm and leading city lawyers for the auctioneers Bonhams which were being sued by an angry US billionaire over a classic Ferrari.

Litigation PR is a specialist form of reputation management which requires a unique combination of expertise:

  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of the legal process gained by extensive participation in it;
  • A full understanding of the mindset of solicitors, barristers and judges to facilitate communication and exert influence;
  • Extensive experience of dealing with the media, and especially the need to be ahead of the game.

Jonathan is able to advise you on media aspects from the moment that a legal dispute arises through to its conclusion by means of a trial or otherwise;

  • He will meet with you and your lawyers to advise on the likely PR consequences of their actions and those of their opponents;
  • He will expertly assess the likely media coverage at each stage of the action, as well as provide real-time updates during court hearings and inhibit adverse media comment;
  • He will engage with the journalists covering the story to explain the legal process and promote positive coverage of the action.